How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need Each Day?

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need Each Day?
A guide to the benefits of exercise - and how much is too much

All dogs need daily exercise and mental stimulation. But how much does your dog need each day? And are there dangers to too much exercise? Keep reading to find out how to design a safe and stimulating exercise routine for your pet.


"How often and long should I walk my dog?"

It seems like a simple question. Surely you just need to walk enough for him to go to the toilet, get some mental stimulation and tire himself out? Easy.

It's not that simple though - unfortunately!

All dogs need exercise, but how much varies depending on the individual. The breed is a major factor - an energetic Border Collie is obviously going to need longer walks than a pug. It also depends on your dog's health, age, size and energy levels.

This can make it difficult for dog owners to know how much exercise to provide. Too little, and the dog becomes bored, destructive and unhealthy. Too much and you risk damage to joints and exhaustion.

That's why I've put together this in-depth guide to exercising your dog. You'll learn why exercise is important, how much your dog is likely to need and tips for both physical and mental stimulation.‚Äč I've also included common dangers when walking. So, let's get started!

Before I go any further though, here's an important disclaimer: Always check with your vet before starting a new exercise program. Your dog's health history, breed, age and any current health problems affect whether a certain type of exercise is safe. Your vet knows your dog and can provide more accurate recommendations.''

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